VEGA74 | Pantalla táctil/Con Visualizador


Analizador de redes trifásicas

VEGA74 is a single-phase/three-phase network analyzer capable of simultaneously acquiring and recording 600 electrical parameters. The use of VEGA74 is very simple and intuitive, thanks to the interface with color touchscreen display with icon structure. VEGA74 is ideal for solving problems deriving from poor quality of the network, voltage anomalies, harmonics and high energy consumption which can then become much more harmful and complex phenomena to keep under control if neglected for too long. The measurements taken can be transferred to a PC with USB or WiFi connection via dedicated management software in order to analyze the data and create print reports.
› 9 types of electrical systems available
› DC/AC TRMS voltage for single-phase/three-phase systems up to 600V
› Current DC/AC TRMS single-phase/three-phase systems up to 3000A
› Active, Reactive and Apparent Power/Energy
› Cosphi and Power Factor
› Voltage, Current, DC Power
› Neutral current measurement
› Voltage dips and peaks on 20ms @50hz
› Voltage dissymmetry (NEG%, ZERO%)
› Voltage/current waveforms
› Voltage/current harmonic histograms and THD%
› Voltage/current vector diagram
› Periodic recording with selectable PI between 2s and 30min
› Maximum number of quantities that can be selected simultaneously 600
› Voltage/current harmonic analysis up to the 49th
› Calculation and recording THD% voltages/currents
› Recording autonomy indication
› Recording of leakage currents
9 tipos de sistema eléctrico 1Φ-2 hilos, 1Φ-toma central, 3Φ-3 hilos, 3Φ-Aron, 3Φ-Δ Abierto, 3Φ-Y Abierto, 3Φ-2 el. 1/2, 3Φ-4 Y-wire, 3Φ-pata alta.
Integración con periodo programable 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s, 1min, 2min, 5min, 10min, 15min, 30min
Análisis de red y de los consumos energéticos Monofásico/Trifásico
Tensión CA/CC en sistemas Monofásico/Trifásico hasta 600V
Corriente CA/CC en sistemas Monofásico/Trifásico hasta 3000A
Formas de onda Tensiones/Corrientes  
Potencia/Energía Activa, Reactiva, Aparente y potencia CC  
Armónicos de tensión y corriente hasta el 49º con THD%  
Cosphi, Factor de Potencia  
Diagrama vectorial Tensiones/Corrientes  
Asimetría tensiones (NEG%, ZERO%)  
Anomalías de tensión con una resolución de 20ms  
Tabla resumida principales parámetros eléctricos  
Registro de corrientes de fuga  
Registro de temperatura y humedad relativa °C, °F, HR%
Registro del valor de Iluminancia LUX
Indicación autonomía de registro análisis de red  
Visualizador color táctil  
Ayuda en línea en pantalla  
Categoría de medida CAT IV 300, CAT III 350, MAX 600V entre entradas
Medidas (LxAnxH) (mm) 225 x 165 x 75mm
Peso 1.2kg
  • IEC/EN61010-031
  • IEC/EN61010-1
  • IEC/EN61010-2-032
  • IEC/EN61187
  • IEC/EN61326-1
  • IEC/EN61557-1